Minolta / QMS** Printer

Magicolor Model Number
Magicolor 2200
Magicolor 2200DL
Magicolor 2200 DP
Magicolor 2200 EN
Magicolor 2200 GN
Magicolor 2200 N
Magicolor 2300
Magicolor 2300w
Magicolor 2300dl
Magicolor 2350EN
MagiColor 2400 DeskLaser
MagiColor 2400DL
MagiColor 2400W
MagiColor 2430
MagiColor 2430DL
Magicolor 2450
MagiColor 2450DL
MagiColor 2500
MagiColor 2530
MagiColor 2550
MagiColor 3300
MagiColor 5430DL
MagiColor 5440DL
Magicolor DeskLaser

Fax Model Number
Fax 780
Fax 1400
Fax 2500
Fax 3500
Fax 3800
Fax 5500

Pagepro Model Number
Pagepro 1100
Pagepro 1100L
Pagepro 1250E
Pagepro 1250W
PagePro 1300W
PagePro 1350W
PagePro 1380MF
PagePro 1390MF
PagePro 1400W
PagePro 6
PagePro 6E
PagePro 6EX
PagePro 6L
Pagepro 8
Pagepro 8e
Pagepro 8L

pageworks Model Number
PageWorks 6
PageWorks 6E
PageWorks 6EX
PageWorks 6L
Pageworks 8e
Pageworks 8L

QMS PS Model Number
PS 410
PS 420
PS 1700
PS 1725
PS 1725 SLS
PS 2425
PS 2425EX

QMS 1660 Series Model Number
1660 Printsystem
1660E Printsystem
1660Ex + Printsystem
1660Ex Printsystem

QMS 1725 Series Model Number
1725 Printsystem
1725 SLS Printsystem
1725E Printsystem
1725EX Printsystem

QMS 2425 Series Model Number
2425 Printsystem
2425 Turbo
2425 Turbo EX
2425 Turbo Imageserver
2425 Turbo Multi-Pacs
2425EX Printsystem
2425FX-1 Printsystem
2425FX-2 Printsystem

QMS 2560 Series Model Number
QMS 2560
QMS 2560 BX Printsystem
QMS 2560 EX
QMS 2560 FX
QMS Pageworks 2560

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